ProteCHt2save Web GIS Tool for Risk Mapping

Risk assessment and sustainable protection of Cultural Heritage in changing environment


The ProteCHt2save Web GIS Tool has been designed to support policy and decision makers in the identification of risk areas and vulnerabilities for cultural heritage in Central Europe exposed to extreme events linked to climate change.

Risk maps with spatial resolution of 12X12 Km referring to heavy rain, flooding, drought and extreme heat are provided. Specifically changes of temperature and precipitation and of climate risk indices are available for 2 historical periods (1987-2016 wrt 1951-1980) and under Representative Concentration Pathway scenarios RCP4.5 (stabilization) and RCP8.5 (pathway) for 2 future 30-year periods (2021-2050 & 2071-2100) with respect to the reference historical one (1976-2005).